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A Bittersweet Goodbye: DPReview to Shut Down After 25 Years of Captivating the Photography World

Update from DPReview 12 April 2023:

“We’ve received a lot of questions about what’s next for the site. We hear your concerns about losing the content that has been carefully curated over the years, and want to assure you that the content will remain available as an archive.”

Scott Everett
General Manager – DPReview.com

It’s a sad day for photography enthusiasts, as DPReview, the go-to photography website for countless photographers, has announced its closure after nearly 25 years of operation. The decision to shut down the site is part of an annual operating plan review by its parent company. DPReview will remain active until April 10th, with the editorial team working diligently to produce some of their best-ever content in the weeks ahead.

Post-Closure Plans: Read-Only Mode and Content Downloads

After the closure, DPReview will be available in read-only mode for a limited period. The editorial team has advised readers to request downloads of all their photos and text content uploaded to the site by April 6th, as requests after this date will not be processed.

A Fond Farewell to a Beloved Resource

The news of DPReview’s closure has left its loyal readership disheartened. For years, photographers have turned to the site for the latest news, reviews, and discussions in the photography world. DPReview has fostered communities and provided invaluable knowledge to countless photographers throughout its existence.

Users are mourning the loss of this information goldmine, which includes camera data, reviews, sample shots, and the valuable studio-scene comparison tool. Questions are also arising about the future of DPReview’s video content on YouTube.

Readers Question Amazon’s Decision

Many readers are questioning Amazon, the parent company, for deciding to shut down the site rather than selling or divesting it. Some even plan to boycott Amazon as a reaction to DPReview’s closure.

Wishing the DPReview Team the Best

As DPReview prepares to close its doors, readers have expressed their appreciation for the team and wished them well in their future endeavors. They hope that the team will continue to create content in some form, even if it’s not on the DPReview platform. Some have even suggested crowdfunding as a means of preserving the website’s valuable knowledge base.

In these final weeks, the DPReview team remains dedicated to delivering top-notch content to their readers. They extend their gratitude for the support they’ve received over the years and invite everyone to join them in celebrating their shared journey.

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